Jual Compound Bow M 120 Junxing Archery Bonus 12 Anak Panah Carbon

Jual Compound Bow M 120 Junxing Archery Bonus 12 Anak Panah Carbon

Single bow compound m120

1xbow ,4x string shock silencer, 1xPeep sight, 1xD loop, 2xDampers and 1×4-arrow quiver, spanners, 1xmanual and 1xtarget paper


Bow and arrow set

1 x Compound bow

1 x D-Loop

1 x Peep hole

1 x 5-pin opt sight

1 x Brush arrow rest

1 x Rubber stablizer

2 x Ruber Dampers

1 x 4-arrow quiver

1 x String silencer set

1 x Wrist sling

1 x Stainless steel release aid

1 x Allen Wrench Set

1 x String wax

1 x 60cm target paper

1 x Instructions

12 x 30” 100% Carbon arrows

And bow stand for compound



Axle to Axle: 30”

Brace height: 8”

Let-off: 80%

Riser: Extruded

Draw Weight:20-70lbs

Draw Length: 17-29”

IBO Rate: 320fps

Weight: 3.6lbs

Draw length adjustment: 13” continuous adjustment.



1.Both right and left handed available

2.Magnesium alloy riser are reliable, durable and with light weight

3.Gordon fiberglass limbs

4.Stainless steel cable guard

5.The string is made of Dyneema

Harga 4.700.000

Fast response: HP / WA: 0896 2979 9640 / BBM: D238AE9B

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